IBD Cheat sheet


Welcome to the IBD Cheat Sheet Section! Here, you will find condensed essential information into quick, practical summaries to assist you in the day-to-day management of IBD. Explore these handy reference guides for medication insights and much more.

This project aims to be collaborative, so if you have any suggestions for additional tables or summaries that could be useful, feel free to reach out and share your ideas.

IBD therapy

IBD therapy doses (adults)

IBD therapy doses (pediatrics)

IBD therapies & classical EIMS

Thiopurine metabolism

TPMT levels & dose adjustment

Pregnancy & lactation IBD

Corticosteroids equivalent doses

IBD & IMIDs shared therapies

prebiologic/ small molecule screening

Oral mesalazine   (EU, US & Canada)

Topical mesalazine   (EU, US & Canada)

IBD Drug


IBD studies



super family

S1PR family




Head-to-Head trials IBD

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